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JIN, a small company with 15 employees, develops a graphite and Teflon gasket that reduces industrial pollution

Neither graphite is used only for pencil leads nor is teflon only used to coat pans. And, if not, ask Carmen Charterina Melero, commercial manager of the company Industrial and Naval Joints (JIN), which has developed a joint with these two materials that will prevent polluting leaks in industrial processes. An invention in patent process that has been developed by a company from Somonte that has only 15 workers. Research and development are not only within the reach of giants.

This family business, founded in 1972, presented its new development at the Metal Sector Forum, which was held last week in Gijón. JIN decided to create an R&D department tailored to the company three years ago. On that date, the chemical engineer Marta Rodríguez Pin joined the company, to whose work the new developments of the company are largely due, the aforementioned board, which is called Eco Gasket.

«With these gaskets polluting emissions into the atmosphere due to leaks are avoided. Asbestos used to be used for joints. Over time it was replaced by cardboard, which is not resistant to steam or gases and is permeable. Graphite is the only material for gaskets that resists steam, and Teflon is not permeable to gases”, explains Carmen Charterina.

This invention has been developed by carrying out tests in collaboration with suppliers, and they have obtained public aid to commercialize it. The company from Somonte, which currently bills 20% in Asturias, 70% in the rest of Spain and only 10% abroad, hopes to increase exports with the new device, whose patent< /strong> is already in its final steps.

«It is a product that is helping us to cushion the crisis, because it differentiates us from our competition and improves the products that were available on the market until now«, adds Charterina. The company has not rested on its laurels after developing this invention. Now he has another project on his hands to prevent fluid leaks through the flanges that join the different pipe sections. Last week they offered both systems to customers from all over the world at the Fair.

Published in the newspaper «La Nueva España» on June 08, 2010