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Formed Valve Sealing Ring Assemblies

Ecograflex is a set of shaped rings, made of pure expanded mineral graphite (99.9%) with a corrosion inhibitor.

It has combined with three different packings , resulting in three different sealing systems for valves with which to solve:

  • Problems of work at cryogenic temperatures
  • Working in high temperature conditions
  • Work with chemical products (acids and alkalis) and environmental regulations such as fugitive emissions or Cl- F-.

The geometry and density of the different rings of these assemblies make Ecograflex a sealing system for valves and equipment that meets the most stringent restrictions of fugitive emissions.

Its shape has been designed to reduce to the maximum friction with the rod .

Available in various references:

  • Ecograflex X 1000 R Combines Grafloil® GTX and MG 1000 R, the new packing that guarantees maximum tightness.
  • Ecograflex 780 R Combines Grafoil® and MG 780R . Minimum gas emission, designed to work in both cryogenic and high temperature services (certified according to the API 589: 607 fire test).
  • Ecograflex 420 Combines Grafoil® and MG 420 for high pressure services, allowing optimal emission control of the equipment.
  • Ecograflex 250 Combination of Grafoil® and MF 250 , special for alkylation and for chemical products.

ECOGRAFLEX applications

  • Valves where emission control is required
  • Ball valves
  • Valves Gate
  • Valves Balloon
  • Retention valves
  • Valves Butterfly
  • Control valves
  • tank bottom valves
  • Angle seat
  • valves

  • Valves Distributors

Other applications:

  • All static equipment at high temperature or cryogenic applications (being the only material that
    maintains its properties at -165 ºC )
  • Equipment and Valves of:
    • Sugar and Wastebaskets
    • Thermal Power Plants
    • Nuclear Power Plants
    • Refineries
    • Petrochemical Industry
    • Steelworks and Foundries
    • Naval Industry

Features of ECOGRAFLEX

ECOGRAFLEX 780 R 420 250
Maximum values ​​
Temperature (ºC)-200 to 650-200 to 650-200 to 270
Pressure (bar)310
Speed ​​ (m / s)
Ecograflex Rings