Soluble fiber fabrics (BIO ceramics) are obtained by melting alkaline earth fibers (a mixture of silica, calcium and magnesium).

Mixing these fibers with a small amount of cellulosic fibers and an insert that can be made of type “E” filament or steel wire, the BIO ceramic fiber yarns are obtained, with which the ceramic fiber textiles are manufactured.

These textiles are characterized by:

  • Excellent resistance to high temperatures
  • High resistance to thermal shocks
  • Formidable thermal insulation power. (Fibers exempted according to directive 67/548 / EC)
  • Application limit temperatures:
    • Up to 750ºC for fiberglass core fabric
    • Up to 1000ºC for fabric with stainless steel core
  • It is a non-combustible fabric after the decomposition of organic matter (18-20%)
  • Resists acids and alkaline products, except phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid and highly concentrated alkaline solutions.
bioceramic fiber

Products Available in BIOCeramic Fiber

Cords ref. CC-BIO
Braids ref. RC-BIO
Tapes ref. CTC-BIO
Fabrics ref. TC-BIO
Covers ref. FTC-BIO
Weatherstripping ref. BC-BIO