• We have developed a sealing gasket with high mechanical resistance, low permeability and great resistance to chemicals.
  • These properties are ideal for use in gas and vapor pipes.
  • The Eco-Gasket joint combines expanded mineral graphite and expanded PTFE.
  • The model is patented.

Note: The good functioning and long life of the gaskets depend to a great extent on the installation and operating conditions on which we have no influence.

eco-gasket jin

Properties of the Eco-Gasket Board

  • ECO-GASKET® has excellent mechanical resistance to clamping. Graphite
    provides high elastic recovery against compression (flanged joint),
    Staying permanently stable without loss of volume.
  • High resistance to stress breakage of flange joint bolts.
  • Unbeatable tightness thanks to the low permeability of PTFE.
  • Low permeability to hazardous chemicals, gases and liquids.
  • Universal use joint except fluorinated gases and molten alkaline materials.
  • Temperature: -200 ºC to 300 ºC
  • pH: 0 to 14
  • Pressure: Up to 50 bar. SGS certified watertightness tests at 25 bar, 24h and 50 bar, 24h.
  • Gas permeability DIN 3535/6 <0.01 cm3 / min

Note: These technical data should not be construed as an application limit but rather as a guide for the proper choice. Therefore, we can only guarantee the quality of our materials.

EcoGasket Joint

Advantages of the EcoGasket Board

Due to its properties, design and manufacture, it provides the following advantages:

  • Minimize gas emissions.
  • Ideal to guarantee watertightness in steam / gas lines of all types of industries.
  • Alternative to spiral wound gaskets.
  • Manufacture to measure and according to standard.
  • Optimal to avoid corrosion in the pipes.
  • Avoid fire.
eco-gasket test