The fiberglass for high temperatures, has a special chemical treatment, which makes the glass filaments type “E” acquire a greater resistance to temperature.

  • The texturing process gives the product an increase in volume, improving its insulating properties and flexibility, adapting easily to the requirements for which it has been chosen.
  • Fiberglass products treated with vermiculite do not cause skin irritation, nor are they harmful to health.
  • Resists up to 750ºC of continuous application.
  • The diameter of the fibers from 6 to 9 microns.
  • It is non-combustible, resistant to acids and bases (except for phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid and certain highly concentrated alkaline solutions).
  • The treated fiberglass does not contain toxic substances or heavy metals.
fiberglass with vermiculite

Products Available in Treated Fiberglass

Cord ref. CV-T
Braids ref. RV-T
Tapes ref. CTV-T
Fabrics ref. TV-T
Covers ref. FTV-T