What is Viton®?

It is a synthetic elastomer with a high content of vinylidene fluoride, tetrafluoroethylene and methylvinyl ether perfluoro. Its abbreviation is FPM or FKM (Fluorocarbon monomer).

The brand of this product belongs to the company “The Chemours Company“, a division of the company Dupont, since 2015. Developed to respond to the Aerospace industry , currently its use has spread due to its high performance.

Due to its chemical composition, it presents an excellent thermal resistance, which is unmatched by any of the other commercial elastomers.

Likewise, it is the synthetic rubber with the highest resistance to hydrocarbons.


Technical characteristics of Viton®

  • Excellent thermal resistance: 250ºC in continuous use, with peaks of up to 300ºC.
  • Excellent resistance to hydrocarbons.
  • Excellent resistance to oils, greases and lubricants.
  • Self-extinguishing: it does not allow the propagation of the flame.
  • Excellent resistance to UV rays and weathering.
  • Excellent compression set at high temperatures.
  • Excellent resistance to acids and alkalis.
  • Weak resistance to esters and ketones.
viton rubber gaskets

Uses of Viton®

  • Gaskets, seals and valves in high temperature services
  • Services with aggressive chemicals
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Aircraft Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Refineries, Chemicals and Steelworks
  • Food Industry
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