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Woven Sleeves for Insulation and Sealing

The different types of insulating cords are made of:

  • Fiber Glass
  • High temperature glass fiber
  • Fiber Bioceramic
  • Silica fiber
  • Aramid fiber
insulating fabric covers

Applications of Insulating Fabric Covers

  • Protection against Direct Fire
  • Protection against Sparks and Projections of Caldo
  • Coating of Hoses
  • Maintenance of internal temperature in Fluid pipes

Dimensions of the Insulating Fabric Covers

Diameters 10-15-20-25-30-40-50-60 mm

For other measures Consult

Silicone Glass Cover

References for Insulating Tissue Covers

Name Description
FTV-80 Made of glass fabric
FTV-80T High temperature glass fabric
FTC-85 BIO Bioceramics with glass insert
FTS-80 Silica
Covers Silicone Glass Sleeve