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  • Fiberglass is the base material for the manufacture of fabrics, cords, braids, etc.
  • They are textured «E» type glass fibers. This texturing gives it an increase in volume and an unbeatable insulating property.
  • Fiberglass products are soft and very flexible, they do not cause skin irritation, nor are they harmful to health.
  • It resists up to 500ºC of continuous application and up to 650ºC in short exposures.
  • The diameter of insulating fibers is 9 microns.
  • Fiberglass fabric is a non-combustible material, resistant to oils, gases, solvents, acids and bases except for concentrated solutions.

Fiberglass Available Products

Cords ref. CV
Braids ref. RV
Tapes ref. CTV
Fabrics ref. TV
Covers ref. FTV
Weatherstripping ref. BG