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Fire Protection Blankets and Screens for Insulation and Sealing

The different types of insulating cords are made of:

  • Fiber Glass
  • High temperature glass fiber
  • Fiber Bioceramic
  • Silica fiber
  • Aramid fiber

Applications of Fire Blankets and Screens

  • Protection of machinery against fire and projections of broth, welding, etc
  • Protection screens for installations
  • Fire blankets for Hotels, Houses, Kitchens and Facilities
  • Applications where there is a risk of fire or exposure to high temperature projections

Dimensions of the Blankets and Fire Screens

  • Glass Fire Blankets with Red Bag :
    • Reference MTV-45FB
    • Reference MTV-75FB
    • Reference MTV-135FB
  • Glass Fire Blankets with Red PVC Cylinder :
    • Reference MTV-45FC
  • Protection Curtains (measurements on request)

For other measures Consult

References of Blankets and Fire Screens

References Components
MTV-135 Glass
MTV-75T V high temperature idio
MTV-135T V high temperature idio
MTS-65 Silica
MTS-125 Silica