Our R&D department promotes the development of the company in order to fulfill the customer’s needs and the demands of new sealing products.


We have developed a new gasket with high strength, low permeability and high resistance to chemicals. These properties are ideal for use in gas and steam pipes. The model is patented.
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Flange protections

Flange protection is a security element to contain and control spills or leaks that poor sealing of the flange connection can cause and, additionally, to avoid fire in cases where there is an exposure to a particular atmosphere of the substance spilled. Custom made.

Lean Manufacturing Project

Lean Manufacturing is a work philosophy based on eliminating activities that add no value to the customer (7 types of "wastes": Transport, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Overproduction, Over Processing, Defects). We are working with the “Fundación Prodintec” in implementing this production practice in our workshop, which will improve our productivity and the customer service we offer.