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Round Twisted Cord for Sealing and Insulation

The different types of insulating cords are made of:

  • Fiber Glass
  • High temperature glass fiber
  • Fiber Bioceramic
  • Silica fiber
  • Aramid fiber
insulating cords

Applications of Insulating Cords

  • Sealing at Low Pressure in:
    • Flanges
    • Hatchways and Ducts
    • Ingot Molding
    • Pipe Insulation
  • Sealing of Doors and Insulation in
    • Drying tunnels
    • Stoves and Boilers
  • Sealing of High Temperature and Gases

Dimensions of the Insulating Cords

Diameters of 3-4-5-6-8-10-12-15-20-25-30 mm

For other measures Consult

Insulating Cord References


Name Description
CV-10 Twisted cord of glass type «E» textured
CV-10T Twisted cord of high temperature glass
CC-15 BIO Bioceramic twisted cord with glass insert
CC-16 BIO Twisted Bioceramic cord with metal insert
CS-10 Twisted silica