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Lean Manufacturing is a work philosophy that is based on the elimination of activities that do not add value for the customer.

There are 7 types of «waste»:

  • Overproduction
  • You wait
  • Transportation
  • Unnecessary movements
  • Non-optimized processes
  • Waste or rework
  • Inventories

We are working together with the Prodintec Foundation in the implementation of this work system in our workshop, which will improve productivity and the service we offer to the client.

Lean Manufacturing

The principles of Lean Manufacturing

  • Minimize waste: eliminate all non-value-added activities, optimizing the use of resources.
  • Search for the perfect Quality: generate with zero defects, since they are detected and solved at their source.
  • Continuous improvement: reducing costs, improving quality, increasing productivity and sharing information.
  • Generation of «pull» processes: the generation of products are requested by the end customer, not resulting from the end of production.
  • Flexibility: quickly produce a wide variety of products, without sacrificing efficiency due to lower production volumes.
  • Build and maintain a long-term relationship with suppliers, so that risk, costs and available information are shared.