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PTFE + Graphite Packing for Valves and Pumps

The MF 262 packing is made of the highest quality PTFE with a high content of encapsulated graphite and made in diagonal braid.

The type of braiding and the high content of graffiti make it a very flexible and adjustable braid.

It combines the extraordinary chemical resistance of PTFE , with the great capacity of graphite to dissipate heat.

The PTFE of the threads give good resistance to chemical attack : this packing can be considered universally applicable except for strong oxidants such as (nitric acid, liquid alkaline materials).

MF-262 gasket does not harden . Due to this quality, the shaft can be lubricated during its service life.

Its thermal conductivity is one of the highest among PTFE / graphite threads.

MF 262 Packing Applications

Very appropriate to place in all types of rotary equipment and valve boxes in general.


  • piston and centrifugal pumps
Other applications :

  • Dynamic and pressure equipment
  • Turbines and compressors
  • Centrifugal movements at high speed
  • Pumps and equipment in:
    • Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Food Industry
    • Chemical Industry
    • Sugar and Wastebaskets
    • Thermal Power Plants
    • Nuclear Power Plants
    • Refineries

Characteristics of MF 262 Packing

MF 262 PackingMaximum values ​​
Temperature (ºC)250
Pressure (bar)150
Speed ​​(m / s)15
mf 262 packing