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The O-ring is defined by its interior diameter and its radial section.

O-ring section
Measured NBR Viton® O-Rings

O-Ring uses

  • O-rings are used mainly for static sealing
    • As static radial gaskets: in hoses, covers, pipes and cylinders.
    • As static axial seals: in flanges, plates and stoppers (plugs).
  • For use in dynamic seals, they are only recommended for moderate use condition, as their operating capacity is limited by speed and pressure.
    • In less demanding conditions: alternate piston machines, rods, etc.
    • For conditions involving a slow swinging, spinning or spiral movement: spindles, rotating distributors, etc.

Materials for O-Rings

  • We have NBR (nitrile) O-rings, Viton® O-rings, Silicone O-rings and EPDM O-rings.
  • This range of materials allows the O-ring to be used for any type of fluid.
  • We make FEP encapsulated gaskets
  • We also have toric cord in several diameters: 3,4,5,6,8,10 (request further information) for making O-rings to specification.