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Packing is made of relatively soft and pliable materials and they consist of a series of rings of braided or molded material.

In order to use packing, it is inserted into an annular space (cartridge box) between the rotating or reciprocal part and the body of the valve or pump.

By placing the cable-gland, the pressure is transmitted over the whole of the packing, radially expanding the rings against the sides of the cartridge box and the rotating or reciprocal part, creating a seal.

In order to choose the correct packing, several factors should be taken into account:

  • The dimensions of the cartridge box or the axle
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Velocity (of the axle spin)
  • Compatibility with the fluid
  • Use (pump, valve, mixer, etc.)

We have a wide range of packing available

  • Packing with graphite filaments
  • Packing with carbon filaments
  • Packing with PTFE filaments (Teflon®)
  • Packing with aramid filaments
  • Packing with mineral fibers
  • Packing with greased cotton

We can supply a wide variety of packing in rolls or cut to specification, according to your requirements.


The different types of braiding affect the flexibility and the maintenance of the shape of the packing

  • (1) Layer over Layer braiding
  • (2) 3 Way Diagonal braiding
  • (3) 2 Way Diagonal braiding
  • (4) 4 Way Diagonal braiding
packing braids
MF packing
MG Packing
MG Packing

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