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Digital Poka-Yoke is a project financed by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, through the call of Innovative Business Groups (AEI) of the year 2021, within the framework of the «Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan».

What does Poka-Yoke mean

It was created in the Toyota factory in Japan in 1960. The Poka-Yoke method literally translates as “proof of errors”. It is a continuous improvement technique dedicated to avoiding failures in any process that is part of production and logistics.

Poka-Yoke can encompass strategies that improve and optimize the procedures of a warehouse or a production plant. It can also refer to objects specifically designed to anticipate human error such as USB cables, used to transmit data and charge devices. These can only be inserted into the port on the appropriate side, otherwise they will not fulfill their function.

The engineer Shigeo Shingo developed this work philosophy with the purpose of eliminating inefficiencies in production processes and putting them into practice it was all a success. It did this by applying practices that simplify the work of operators and that minimize distractions so they can concentrate on their tasks.

Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan
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Eliminate errors, enhance quality

Poka-Yoke consists of applying techniques that avoid mistakes, especially in those more repetitive activities. We have been able to see how it is part of our daily lives, with objects and devices that we use in our daily lives, as well as in warehouses and production plants.

Poka-Yoke aims to raise the quality of the processes and, consequently, of the service and the final product. In this way, in addition, greater satisfaction is obtained from customers.

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