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Polyamide (PA) is a material with high mechanical resistance and good fatigue resistance.

It is an excellent shock absorber and has good slide characteristics.

Excellent resistance to wear and it is also self-extinguishing

It is used for parts such as:

  • Gears
  • Wheel hub assemblies
  • Rollers
  • Wheels
  • Worm drives
  • Star-wheel distributors
  • Guides
  • Screws and Washers
  • Pulleys

It works well at temperatures of between 90ºC and -40ºC

It absorbs humidity, which must be taken into account when calculating the mechanical elements which require tolerance (axles, gears, etc.).

Technical Data for Polyamide (PA)

DensidadDIN 53479gr/cm31.15
Esfuerzo punto fluenciaDIN 53455MPa85
Alargamiento a roturaDIN 53455%200
Módulo de ElasticidadDIN 53457MPa3200
Dureza de penetración a la bola (30sg)DIN 53457Mpa70 / 160
Resistencia al impactoDIN 53453kJ/m2No rompe
Coeficiente  dinámico de fricciónN/mm20.38 / 0.45
Punto de FusiónDIN 53736ºC220
Temperatura de trasición VitreaDIN 53736ºC40
Temperatura de servicio máxima puntualºC170
Temperatura de servicio máxima constanteºC110
Conductividad térmicaW(km)0.23
Capacidad calorífica específica (a 23ºC)5(g.k)1.7
Coeficiente dilatación lineal (a 23ºC)105