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Polyethylene (PE) is a material with excellent shock absorbing and bending qualities; it wears very little and has good slide characteristics.

It can support temperatures of up to 80ºC, without suffering excessive mechanical strain and up to -200ºC, without breaking.

It has very low thermal conductivity.

It is waterproof and does not swell.

It has self-lubricating properties, particularly in dry sliding friction with metals, such as: steel, brass, copper.

polyethylene PE
DensidadDIN 53479gr/cm30.96 / 0.98
Esfuerzo punto fluenciaDIN 53455MPa24 / 31
Alargamiento a roturaDIN 53455%400 / 800
Módulo de ElasticidadDIN 53457MPa1000 / 1400
Dureza de penetración a la bola (30sg)DIN 53457Mpa45 / 60
Resistencia al impactoDIN 53453kJ/m2No rompe
Coeficiente  dinámico de fricciónN/mm20.29
Punto de FusiónDIN 53736ºC128 / 133
Temperatura de trasición VitreaDIN 53736ºC-95
Temperatura de servicio máxima puntualºC120
Temperatura de servicio máxima constanteºC90
Conductividad térmicaW(km)0.35 / 0.43
Capacidad calorífica específica (a 23ºC)5(g.k)1.7 / 2
Coeficiente dilatación lineal (a 23ºC)105
13 / 15