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Polyurethane (PU) is a material with high mechanical resistance, high shock absorbing qualities and extraordinary impact and wear resistance.

It has excellent resistance to ozone and works at temperatures ranging from 90ºC to -40ºC

We also have available VULKOLLAN and Adiprene® polyurethane boards.

VULKOLLAN  Polyurethane

Polyurethane applications · Vulkollan® PU

  • Molding:
    Through polyurethane casting, Vulkollan ® allows almost unlimited design freedom. Angles, rounded chamfers, depressions, wall thicknesses can be made.
  • Design in molds:
    Section changes, wall variations, joints with metal, wood or plastic are possible.
  • Accession:
    As part of a complex design, Vulkollan® allows a wide spectrum of possibilities, such as: gluing with metal, wood or plastic, riveting, spring connections and many more variants.
  • Machining:
    This is one of the most important properties of Vulkollan®: it is suitable for machining.
    It can be turned, milled, drilled, cut with a water jet, sawn, stamped and wiggled with laser beams, grinding, etc., always without loss of its mechanical properties.
  • Main Uses:
    • Supports
    • Decoupling
    • Spring elements
    • Gasket rings and collectors
    • Scrapers for screen printing
    • Sealing elements
    • Clutch elements
    • Solid wheels (type skates, skates, for example)
    • Rollers
    • Pump and switch membranes
    • Friction discs of textile machines

Technical Data for Polyurethane · Vulkollan® · PU

Property TestUnitsValue
Density DIN 53505 Shore A 90
Specific weight DIN 53550 g / cm3 1,2
Tensile strength DIN 53504 MPa 56
Elongation at break DIN 53504% 635
Elasticity DIN 53512% 141
Tear resistance DIN 53515 KN / m 40
Loss due to abrasion DIN 53516 mm3 31