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Braids and cords

These products are made of fibreglass, ceramics and high temperature resistant silica. We supply them in rolls or cut to size.

Braids and cords, detail
Braids and cords, detail(Click para ampliar) Braids and cords, detail

CORDS: Twisted round cords for sealing and insulation

  • CV-10: Twisted round fibreglass cord
  • CV-10–T: Twisted round high temperature fibreglass cord
  • CC-15 BIO: Twisted round Bioceramic fibre with fibreglass fibre cord
  • CC-16 BIO: Twisted round Bioceramic fibre with metal wire cord
  • CS-10: Twisted round silica fibre cord

BRAIDS: High density square/round braid packing for sealing and insulation

  • RV-40/RV-30: High density square/round fibreglass braid
  • RV-40-T/RV-30-T: High density square/round high temperature fibreglass braid
  • RC-45 BIO/RC-35 BIO: High density square/round Bioceramic with fibreglass braid
  • RC-46 BIO/RC-36 BIO: High density square/round Bioceramic with metal wire braid
  • RS-40/RS-30: High density square/round silica braid

Low density BRAIDS: Low density round braid packing for sealing and insulation

  • RV-10: Low density fibreglass braid
  • RV-10-T: Low density high temperatura fibreglass braid
  • RV-10-G: Low density graphited fibreglass braid
  • RV-10-N: Low density fibreglass braid with core
  • RS-10: Low density silica fibre braid

WEBBINGS: Woven tapes for sealing and insulation

  • CTV-50/CTV-51: Fibreglass webbings
  • CTV-51-T: High temperature fibreglass webbings
  • CTV-56: Fibreglass webbings with metal insertion
  • CTC-61 BIO: Bioceramic webbings with fibreglass insertion
  • CTC-66 BIO: Bioceramic webbings with metal insertion
  • CTS-70: Silica webbings
  • CTS-125 A: Silica webbings with adhesive

SLEEVES: Tubing for sealing and insulation

  • FTV-80: Fibreglass sleeve
  • FTV-80-T: High temperature fibreglass sleeve
  • FTV-81-SIL: Fibreglass sleeve with silicone coating
  • FTC-85 BIO: Bioceramic with fibreglass insertion sleeve
  • FTS-80: Silica sleeve

ROPE LAGGING: Rope lagging for sealing and insulation

  • BG-25: Fibreglass rope lagging
  • BC-25 BIO: Bioceramic rope lagging
  • BR-25: Basalt rope lagging


Sealing of stoves, ovens, furnaces, boiler doors, heating systems and traditional firewood/coal stoves and cookers, filling of grooves, fireproofing of industrial chimneys and equipment, protection against fire, sparks and melted metal splash exposure, sals for low pressures.

Insulating fabrics

FABRICS: Cloths for sealing and insulation

  • TV-20/TV-45/ TV-62/ TV-75/ TV-100/ TV-135: Fibreglass fabric
  • TV-85-I: Fibreglass with metal insertion fabric
  • TV-75-T/ TV-100-T/ TV-135-T: High temperature fibreglass fabric
  • TC-100 BIO/ TC-135 BIO: Bioceramic with fibreglass insertion fabric
  • TC-110-I BIO: Bioceramic with metal insertion fabric
  • TS-65/ TS-125: Silica fabric
  • TA-48: Aramid fabric

COATING FABRICS: Coating cloths for sealing and insulation

  • TV-40 A/ TV-66-A: Fibreglass with one face aluminium foil
  • TV-45 AP/ TV-100-AP: Fibreglass with a grey polyurethane coating and aluminium pigment
  • TV-62 HYP-2C: Fibreglass fabric with Hypalon coating 2 faces
  • TV-75 ENG-2C: Fibreglass fabric with rubber coating 2 faces
  • TV-64 MK: Fibreglass fabric with Inconel and a polyurethane coating and aluminium pigment
  • TV-55 SIL-LD 2C/ TV-100 SIL-LD 2C/ TV-120 SIL-LD 2C: Fibreglass fabric with silicone coating 2 faces
  • TV-120 SIL-HD 2C: Fibreglass fabric with high density silicone coating 2 faces
  • TS-125 AP: Silica with a grey polyurethane coating and aluminium pigment

BLANKETS, FELTS AND MATS: Blankets, felts and mats for sealing and insulation

  • MFV-550: Fibreglass mat
  • MFC-1100 BIO: Bioceramic mat
  • MFS-1500: Silica mat
  • MCP-1100 BIO: Bioceramic paper

FIRE BLANKETS AND SCREENS: Fire and safety blankets and screens for sealing and insulation

  • MTV-45/MTV-75/MTV-135: Fibreglass safety blanket
  • MTV-75T/MTV-135T: High temperature fibreglass safety blanket
  • MTS-65/MTS-125: Silica safety blanket


Wide range of insulation applications in industry, manufacture of fire proof and spark-protection blankets and curtains, manufacture of expansion joints, applications where it is necessary to protect against heat, sparks and exposure to melted metal splash.