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At JIN we are gasket manufacturers

JIN was born in Gijón in 1972, an acronym for Juntas Industriales y Navales S.L., as the leader of gasket manufacturers in Asturias and the Iberian Peninsula.

We are located at the entrance to Polígono de Somonte 1, on calle José Llama Fernández 28.

Like all manufacturers of gaskets, our mission is to guarantee watertightness. For this we have a wide variety of products and solutions, also having almost 50 years of experience behind us.

broken gasket
We tell you below the most common reasons why a gasket usually fails and generate sealing problems and the solution that we propose as a gasket manufacturer.

For what reason can a joint fail?

It is very interesting to remember why fails a joint once installed . The reasons can be varied, but they are almost always related to the following factors:

  • The material of the gasket is not compatible with the medium in which it works, either because it is outside the parameters of temperature, pressure or fluid, that is, working with a fluid or gas for which it is not compatible.
  • The gasket material is excessively soft.
  • The joint itself bursts with the tightening that is given to the assembly.
  • The material of the joint is impregnated with the fluid and it attacks it.
  • The joints have not been cut properly (for example, the inner diameter is less than the nominal diameter of the pipe, leaving an inner rim gasket inside the tube.
  • The thermal cycles, stops and starts of equipment, generate expansion and contraction of the material generating cracks.
  • There arevibrations and strokes of ram.

Proposed solutions as a gasket manufacturer

Since we are manufacturers of joints and we receive a multitude of queries in this regard, we propose a practical case such as that of rubber profiles for bodywork. It is a very common gasket, since it is part of each and every one of the doors and body covers of all vehicles: cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, tanks, boats, etc.

These rubber profiles for bodywork They can be manufactured in many shapes and sizes (solid, hollow, etc), as well as in different materials (rubber, neoprene®, nitrile, silicones, etc).

Its manufacture is carried out by extrusion: a mold is designed with the appropriate measurements and from there, as a piping bag, the necessary meters of these rubber profiles for car bodies or other uses are manufactured.

It is very important to know the environment in which the rubber profiles for bodywork are going to be, since simply not having taken into account the continuous exposure to the elements would prematurely degrade the material, generating leaks and malfunctions.

It is also important to adjust the tolerances in the design and manufacture of the mold, a task that corresponds to the manufacturers of joints, as is our case. We have our own technical office and high-precision machinery with professional results.

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