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What are Bridle Covers and what are they for?

In general, the flange covers are safety elements that complement the installation and equipment to prevent damage and accidents due to the «spray» effect produced by possible leaks that may appear.

In themselves they do not stop the leak, they simply channel it and even indicate it, since some have a leak witness.

They are made of high quality materials, resistant to the fluids with which they will be in contact and totally tailored to the needs of the installation.

Buy Flange Covers in Asturias

JIN · Juntas Industriales y Navales is the manufacturer of tailor-made flange covers in Gijón · Asturias, making national and international shipments according to needs .

The number of models of flange covers available is varied, since there are multiple combinations of materials and certain accessories.

Do not hesitate to consult and tell us your needs, we will make a tailored budget without commitment.

Cover flanges with leak witness

Characteristics of Flange Covers

  • As we mentioned, flange covers are safety elements that contain and control spills or leaks so that leaks are controlled.
  • The presence of splashes and leaks represents an obvious risk to the safety of people and facilities. The importance of shielding the joints has been recognized and thus protect people against the risks of burns or against the danger of explosion due to the formation of mists in ATEX atmospheres.
  • It is important to note that the flange covers are NOT designed to contain the leak, but to control it and prevent the risks posed by projections on people, avoiding the sprinkling of a leak and generating a controlled drip.
  • In any installation, not only the joints can fail, but also the joints: low tightening torques, loads that are too high, weak and inadequate materials and bolt lubrication, inadequate design or material of the flanges themselves, etc.
JIN flange covers

Recommended uses for Flange covers

Its uses are diverse, but always related to the protection and control of possible leaks.

Due to their characteristics and defined use, the flange covers are indicated for:

  • Aluminum smelting plants.
  • Steel mills and foundries.
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Process plants and boilers.
  • Thermal power plants and combined cycles.
  • Glass Manufacturing.
  • Uses with oil hoses
  • Vapor lines.


ptfe flange covers

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