• The Belpa CSA 520 pressed cardboard sheet is manufactured with the latest advances in fibers with high thermal and mechanical resistance mixed with a high quality NBR rubber matrix.
  • The compressed cardboard thus obtained is a cardboard sheet for joints with high mechanical and thermal resistance, very low gas permeability and high residual stress, complying with the BS 7531 grade X qualification standard.
  • Belpa CSA-520 cardboard is used for most industrial services, with excellent hot flow making the product the ideal solution for a multitude of services and equipment.
  • Certifications:
    • DVGW (DIN 3535-6 Gas)
    • WRAS (BS6920 Drinking Water)
    • TZW (KTW Drinking Water)
    • TA LUFT (VDI 2440 minimum leakage at 250ºC)
Belpa CSA 520 asbestos-free Pressed Compressed Board

Belpa CSA 520 Cardboard Technical Data Sheet

Plate format1500 x 1500mm
Thicknesses0.5, 0.8, 1, 1.5, 2, 3mm
Density (+/-10%)1.65gr/cm3
Compressibility ASTM F36 A7-15%
Elastic recovery ASTM F36A>55%

Transverse tensile strength ASTM F152

Gas permeability DIN 3535/6<0.4cm3/min

Residual Stress

(BS 7531 1.5mm 300ºC/16h)

ASTM F146 Increments
ASTM oil Nº1 5h at 150ºC<2%
ASTM oil Nº3 5h at 150ºC<4%
ASTM fuel B 5h RT<6%