• BelpaAcid sheet is an asbestos-free material, made of aramid fibers and mineral fibers mixed in a special rubber matrix.
  • The material thus obtained is a plate for joints recommended for a wide range of conditions and resistant to chemicals including most acids, oils, solvents and bases.
  • Material designed for use with the most widely used acids and bases in the industry.
Asbestos Free Carton Sheets BelpaMoid
Plate format2000 x 1500mm
Thicknesses0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3mm
Density (+/-10%)1.65gr/cm3
Compressibility ASTM F36 A7-15%
Elastic recovery ASTM F36A>45%
Gas permeability DIN 3535/6<1cm3/min
ASTM F146 Increments
ASTM oil Nº1 5h at 150ºC<2%
ASTM oil Nº3 5h at 150ºC<9%
ASTM B 5h at 150ºC<8%
H2SO4 (72%) 24h/Rt<4%
HCI (18%) 24h/Rt<1.5%
HNO3 (33%) 24h/Rt<1.5%
Na(OH) (50%) 24h/Rt<2%