Pure PTFE (BAM) packing for static equipment

The MF 245 packing is made of pure PTFE filaments, vacuum impregnated wire by wire with PTFE dispersion totally free of silicone.

Its use is allowed with food products (certified FDA ).

Suitable for use in liquid and gaseous oxygen (BAM certified).

The composition of the MF 245 gasket is:

  • PTFE filament yarn 1900 tex ….. 70% by weight
  • PTFE dispersion …………………… 30% by weight

MF 245 Gasket Applications

Used in static equipment , especially in valves , where exceptional chemical attack behavior is required, for use in acids and bases such as sulfuric, hydrochloric, soda , lyes and in general all acids and bases.
  • Ball valves
  • Valves Gate
  • Valves Balloon
  • Retention valves
  • Valves Butterfly
  • Valves Control
Other applications :

  • Static equipment in general at high temperature or cryogenic applications.
  • In valves and equipment of:
    • Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Food Industry
    • Chemical Industry
    • Sugar and Wastebaskets
    • Thermal Power Plants
    • Nuclear Power Plants
    • Refineries

Characteristics of MF 245 Packing

MF 245 gasket Maximum values ​​
Temperature (ºC)-100 to 270
Pressure (bar)200
Speed ​​(m / s)15
mf 245 packing