A gasket is used to create a static seal between two immobile flanges connecting series of mechanical assemblies, or in an installation containing fluids.

  • The purpose of the gaskets is to provide a total physical barrier against the fluid contained within and thus block any possible leakage.
  • We manufacture all types of gaskets in all types of materials according to DIN or ASA standards, also out of standards (under drawing or according to sample).
  • We are Manufacturers, request a budget without obligation

We have ALL types of Gaskets:

  • SpiralWounds
  • O-Ring and O-Ring Cord
  • Soft:
    • Asbestos-free Klinger® type compressed cardboard
    • Technical Plastics
    • Graphite (with and without INOX metallic insert)
    • Oiled Paper
    • Mica
    • Pressure Seals
  • Camprofile
  • RTJ
  • Sandwich
  • Cylinder head, exhaust, etc

Spiral Wounds

Compressed Carton



PTFE + Steel Core



Metal Jacketed

Cylinder Head


Materials to manufacture Gaskets

  • Wide Variety of Thicknesses in all materials.

  • Large Stock.

  • Possibility of Deliveries in 24h.