Ramie Fibers + PTFE Packing

The MF 333 gasket is made from threads of Ramie , impregnated with PTFE thread by thread and lubricated during braiding.

Once braided, it is impregnated with PTFE on the outside, which produces a braid with a low coefficient of friction .

Compared with other natural fibers, it has a high resistance to abrasion, great tenacity, low coefficient of friction, does not damage the shafts and can be used with suspended solutions of solids, being a packing for non-severe working conditions of great flexibility and adaptability.

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MF 333 Packing Applications

This gasket is indicated for hydraulic services for both salt water and fresh water.

Especially recommended for boat tail axles .

The MF 333 packing is designed for low-medium responsibility equipment and in working conditions where an economical solution is needed, water valves pumps water and < strong> irrigation equipment .

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  • Hydraulic services (fresh or salt water)
  • Valves and water pumps

Characteristics of MF 333 Packing

MF 333 gasket Maximum values ​​
Temperature (ºC) -30/120
Pressure (bar) 100 (150)
Speed ​​(m / s) 17
ph 4-11
mf 333 packing