PTFE + Glass Packing

The MF 350 packing is made of type “E” glass filaments individually impregnated with PTFE.

Made with diagonal braid, which provides great mechanical resistance together with good flexibility and adaptability. The braid is re-impregnated in PTFE.

This braid is a very economical alternative to the old asbestos packing with PTFE.

MF 350 Packing Applications

  • Recommended for general use and in steam up to 270 ºC , in water, air, gases, oils and weak acids and bases.
  • Rotary valves and pumps working with chemicals of pH range 4-12,
  • Petroleum distillates, water, solvents
  • Good behavior with abrasive products
Other applications :

  • Pumps, valves and equipment for:
    • Shipyards and Ships
    • Water treatment facilities and fluid transfer
    • Hydraulic Power Plants
    • Process Plants
    • Food products plants
    • Power Generation
    • Mining Industry
    • Especially designed to be used in wire drawing

Characteristics of the MF 350 Packing

MF 350 PackingMaximum values ​​
Temperature (ºC)270
Pressure (bar)100
Speed ​​(m / s)12
mf 350 packing