Universal Use Gasket for all equipment

The packing MG 970 combines high purity carbon filaments with expanded mineral pure graphite yarns (material with 98% purity and corrosion inhibitor).

Made with diagonal braiding, which produces a homogeneous and robust gasket. It also has reinforcement of the carbon filament in the corners.

The result is a graphite packing for universal application , both in static and dynamic services, with the inimitable properties of graphite in terms of thermal and chemical resistance and its low coefficient of friction.

MG 970 Packing Applications

  • Ball valves
  • Valves Gate
  • Valves Balloon
  • Retention valves
  • Valves Butterfly
  • Valves Control
  • Bottom cuba
  • valves

  • Angle seat
  • valves

  • butterfly valves
  • Valves Distributors

Other applications:

  • All static equipment at high temperature or applications
    cryogenic (it is the only material that maintains its properties at -165 ºC )
  • In valves and equipment of:
    • Refineries and Petrochemicals
    • Sugar and Wastebaskets
    • Thermal Power Plants
    • Nuclear Power Plants
    • Steelworks and Foundries
    • Naval Industry

Features of MG 970 Packing

Gasket MG 970 Maximum values ​​
(on valve) (at pump) (on axis)
Temperature (ºC) 500
Pressure (bar) 200 75 35
Speed ​​(m / s) 1.5 2 30
ph 0-14
mg 970 packing