Textile Sealing Gaskets for Insulation and Sealing

Los diferentes tipos de cordones aislantes están fabricados en:

  • Fibra de Vidrio
  • Fibra de Vidrio de alta temperatura
  • Fibra de Vidrio Siliconada
  • Fibra Biocerámica
  • Fibra de Sílice
  • Fibra de Aramida
textile sealing gaskets

Applications of Textile Sealing Gaskets

  • Sealing of Stoves, Ovens, Burners, Doors, Hatchways and other Static elements
  • Filling of Joints and Flanges
  • Sealing in Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
  • Automotive :
    • Retainers
    • Sealing of oils

References for Textile Sealing Gaskets

References Components Type
BV-170 Gummed and graphite glass gasket Gummed Glass Gasket
I-820 Gummed Cotton Packing Gummed Glass Gasket
BV-630 Glass Rubber Band Bands and Gummed Tapes
JPL-770 Panox aramid with metal reinforcement and graphite Man’s Mouth / Hand
Musical Note Shaped Door Stamps
Tissue Gaskets