Technical Fabrics and Coatings

The different types of insulating cords are made of:

  • Fiber Glass
  • High temperature glass fiber
  • Fiber Bioceramic
  • Silica fiber
  • Aramid fiber
technical fabrics and coatings

Applications of Technical Fabrics and Coatings

  • Wide range of Insulation applications for industry
  • Manufacture of Fireproof Curtains and Blankets
  • Manufacture of Expansion Joints
  • Manufacture of Insulating Pads
  • Clothing for Protection
  • Applications where it is necessary to protect from fire, sparks or projections of broth or foundry

Dimensiones de los Tejidos Técnicos y Recubrimientos

Width 1000 mm (except References TS-65 and TS-125 in 900 mm)

For other measures Consult

References for Technical Fabrics and Coatings

TV-40AGlass with aluminum sheet coating
TV-45APGlass with an aluminized polyurethane coating
TV-62 HYP-2C V idrio coated with Hypalon on 2 sides
TV-75 ENG-2C Glass with rubber coating on 2 faces
TV-64MKGlass with Inconel </ a >, Polyurethane coating and Aluminum pigment
TV-55 SIL-LD 2C Glass with silicone coating on 2 sides
TV-100 SIL-LD 2C Glass with silicone coating on 2 faces
TV-120 SIL-HD 2C Glass with silicone coating on 2 faces
TV-100 AP Glass with aluminized polyurethane coating
TC-125 AP Silica with aluminized polyurethane coating