Shapes of Braids and Insulating Cords

Fiberglass is the base component for the manufacture of the vast majority of cords for braids.

In Industrial and Naval Boards we have a wide variety of insulating products that we classify into the following families:

What material to choose for the Insulating Braids and Cords

To help you choose the product that best suits your sealing and thermal insulation needs in our wide range of insulating braid and cord products, there is a series of data that clarify the base material and uses:

  • References letter “T” braids for high temperature.
  • References letter “V” braids of fiberglass.
  • References letter “S” braids of Silica fiber.
  • References letter “C” braids of Ceramic fibers.
  • References numbered less than 40 are round section, higher are square section.

Uses of insulating Braids and Cords

Insulating Braids Applications

  • Static Gaskets for Ovens
  • Moulding Ingots
  • Sealing of Burners, Heating, Drying Tunnels and Boilers
insulating braids

Applications of Loose Knitted Braids

  • Sealing of Stoves
  • Sealing Ovens
  • Sealing Burners
  • Traditional wood stoves
  • Sealing of cavities and Flanges
loose knitted braid

Applications of Insulating Fabric Tapes

  • Temperature union joints for pipes
  • Use against Direct Fire, Sparks, projections of Broth
  • Coating of Hoses
  • Maintenance of internal temperature in Fluid pipelines
insulating fabric tapes

Applications of Insulating Fabric Covers

  • Protection against Direct Fire
  • Protection against Chips and Soup Projections
  • Coating of Hoses
  • Maintenance of internal temperature in Conduits of fluids
insulating fabric covers

Applications of Insulating Weatherstrips

  • Flexible sealing in boilers and frames
  • Insulation in Moulding Foundries
  • Sealing of Thermal Protection
  • Bioceramic Factory Wagons
  • Brick Factory Wagons
insulating weatherstripping

Applications of Insulating Cords

  • Sealed at Low Pressures in:
    • Flanges
    • Hatches and Ducts
    • Ingot Casting
    • Pipe Insulation
  • Sealing of Doors and Insulation in
    • Drying tunnels
    • Stoves and Boilers
  • Sealing of High Temperature and Gases
insulating cords

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