The basis of the product: chloroprene

The chloroprene (CR) is the basis of the commercial product Neoprene® developed by Dupont. Chloroprene rubber is a synthetic rubber and has good chemical properties that make it very popular for use in industry and in our case for the manufacture of gaskets.

Chloroprene Rubber, Neoprene® Rubber, CR Rubber?

All three are correct ways of naming chloroprene rubber, with Neoprene® being the original Dupont trade name and CR being the abbreviation of its name in English (Chloroprene).

It often leads to confusion to think that chloroprene rubber, being commonly called Neoprene®, has a spongy feel and composition, similar to that of diving suits. Yes, these suits are made of chloroplene rubber, but with a specific spongy structure, therefore the normal structure of chloroprene rubber is solid.

At sight it blends perfectly with any other type of black rubber, be it SBR, NBR, Butyl, etc.

cr neoprene chloroprene rubber

Characteristics of Chloroprene rubber


Property Unit Standard Value
Colour Black
Specific gravity gr/cm3 1.45
Indentation hardness Shore A ASTM D2240 70
Breaking load MPa ASTM D412 6.0
Elongation at break % ASTM D412 300
Tear N/mm


Die C

Temperatures ºC -20 / 100

Thermal aging

(hot air 70ºC 70h)

Shore A







Permanent deformation

(70ºC 22h)



Method B


Resistance to solvents

(70ºC 70h)

ASTM 5 oil

IRM 903 oil




Chemical Resistance:
Ozone Moderate
Diluted Acids and Bases Moderate
Concentrated Acids and Bases NOT Recommended
Hydrocarbons NOT Recommended
Organic Solvents NOT Recommended

    Applications of Chloroprene rubber (Neoprene®)

    • Excellent resistance to oils, ozone and weathering.
    • Suitable for moderate acids, alkalis, salt solutions, petroleum, solvents, oils and fuels.
    • Great resistance to aging and high temperatures.
    • Molding: Supports for bridges, expansion joints, pipes, mechanical seals, belts, solid propellant, balls, etc.
    • Chloroprene rubber NO is compatible with:
      • Aromatic (benzene) and chlorinated (trichloroethylene) hydrocarbons.
      • Polar solvents (ketones, esters, ethers).
    • Manufacture of sealing joints in work environments previously described.

    Formats of Chloroprene rubber (Neoprene®)

    Name Thickness (mm) Measurements (mm)
    Chloroprene (CR) 0.8 / 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 / 10 Roll 10000 x 1400
    • We have numerically controlled machinery for high precision cutting.
    • Other formats and thicknesses are possible, do not hesitate to consult us.


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