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METHACRYLATE (PMMA or Plexiglass®)

Methacrylate screen JIN

Methacrylate (PMMA) is an industrial thermoplastic similar to glass; it’s colourless and highly durable. It has the highest impact resistance standard.

Methacrylate Properties

  • High resistance to impacts .
  • Resistant to bad weather, inclement weather and UVA rays. Does not yellow .
  • It is considered a thermal and acoustic insulator
  • It weighs half than glass . Its density is 1190 kg / m3, being somewhat heavier than water.
  • It has a great hardness (similar to that of aluminum).
  • It is delicate, as it scratches easily , but is easily repaired with a polishing paste.
  • It is easy to burn, it is not self-extinguishing (it does not extinguish when removed from the fire).
  • Methacrylate sheets are very flexible, but they do not have to bend (this requires local heat above 80ºC).
  • Does not resist ethyl acetate, acetone, acetic acid, sulfuric acid and amyl alcohol.
  • Methacrylate is easy to work on : it can be drilled, sanded, split or cut with mechanical tools.
  • It is the most transparent plastic, (transparency of practically 93%).
Methacrylate · Plexiglás® screen

Methacrylate uses

  • Manufacture of protective covers for machinery, lamps, signs, advertising signs, compartments and glazing for doors
  • Visual communication applications, architecture and interior design
  • Manufacture of covered walkways, bus canopies , vaults and skylights, etc.

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Design Methacrylate Screen

Technical data for Methacrylate (PMMA)

Property Value Unit
Color Transparent
Elongation at break 2.5 / 5%
Rockwell hardness 92 M scale
Tensile modulus 2400/3300 N / mm2
Impact Resistance 16/32 J * m-1
Linear thermal coefficient 70 * 10-6 / 77 * 10-6 K-1
Continuous use temperature -40 / 50 (90 spot) ºC
Density 1.2 gr / cm3
Water absorption & lt; 0.2%
UV resistance EXCELLENT (does not yellow, does not crack)