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flat gaskets

Flat Gaskets

For low pressure, cut to size. Variety of thicknesses. Stock.

Graphite Belpagraf SE Steam

Graphite gaskets

Solutions for Steam and Boilers. Also with INOX sheet

Spiral wound gaskets

Spiral wound gaskets

For high pressure and temperature (250 bar and 1000ºC)

Extruded Profiles

Profiles and Rope Lagging

A wide variety – Cut to required specifications

O-ring Gaskets

O-ring Gaskets

All qualities Nitrile (NBR), EPDM and Viton®. Large Stock

Textile Expansion Gaskets


They absorb and isolate vibrations in piping.

silicone molded

Vulcanised Parts

Bushings, supports, deflectors, bellows, seals, dowels, balls

Insulating Fabrics


Braided materials for stuffing boxes. For pumps, valves and food industries

braids and laces

Insulating Fabrics

Heaters, ovens, furnaces, boilers, drying tunnels, direct heat with naked flame

Oval RTJ Gasket

RTJ Gaskets

High pressures (1500 bar) and high temperatures (1000ºC)

Camprofile Gasket

Camprofile Gaskets

Exchangers and valves .
Pressures & gt; 250bar

Metal Jacketed Gaskets

Metal Jacketed Gaskets

Metal coated with a soft textile filling

Fenders for Boats

Fenders for Boats

Pontoons, ships, floating docks and marinas, tugs

Methacrylate Plates

Polycarbonate Plates

Cut to Specifications

Personalized Budget

Personalized Estimates

Juntas Industriales y Navales offers estimates WITHOUT commitment . Customize each offer to customer needs , offering good service at competitive prices .

Customer service

The Client Comes First

We offer advice with each estimate and order based on our experience and professionalism.
We are flexible in order to offer the best solution in each occasion.

24 hour Delivery

24 hour Delivery

We can deliver in 24 hours throughout Spain, owing to our agreements with the top logistics companies.

Last News

adrian garcia
adrian garcia
Personal atento y serio. Después de volverme loco buscando 4 juntas de un coche, que solo me las conseguían en la casa, a 33 euros cada junta. Iguales que una torica, pero cuadradas... Aquí en Jin, me las hizieron en el momento a un precio espectacular. Muy agradecido a sus trabajadores por tan buen trato y a la empresa por tener tanto servicio
Desde COSERMO decir que JIN es un suministrador de referencia, con el que hemos participado en muchos proyectos y con el que esperamos participar en muchos más.
Elma Martin
Elma Martin
Grandes profesionales, serios y con productos de alta calidad, cumpliendo normativas vigentes.
Maria Cristina Brioso Cornejo
Maria Cristina Brioso Cornejo
Excelentes profesionales, mucha versatilidad en los materiales que emplean. Puntualidad en las entregas. Los recomiendo totalmente.
Excelentes profesionales, un placer trabajar con ellos. Muy recomendables!!!
Empresa sería, sus productos de muy buena calidad, y sus empleados muy profesionales, no lo dudes en acudir a ellos
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Project: JINTRONIC: Development of an IoT Platform for the acquisition and exploitation of data from custom parts manufacturing processes in a manufacturing workshop in an auxiliary industry in the metal sector
Project co-financed by the Principality of Asturias through IDEPA (Institute of Economic Development of the Principality of Asturias) and the PCTI 2018-2022 (Science, Technology and Innovation Plan) and the European Union through the ERDF </ p>
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